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I express my greetings on holding the 11th Cherry Blossom Symposium 2018 in Morioka Japan.

The Cherry Blossom Symposium (The International Conference of Laboratory Automation and Robotics) is one of the highly evaluated international conferences in the field of laboratory automation. It is my great honor to invite you to the 11th of this symposium on April 19 (Thur) to 21 (Sat) in 2018 in Morioka, Japan.

Since cherry blossoms were in full bloom in the first symposium held by late professor Sasaki, then this symposium has been called Cherry Blossom Symposium.

Japan and Korea played a key role in organizing this symposium and participants gathered from all the countries of the world of United States, Europe and Asia and discussed hot on the laboratory automation and robotics. In the former 10th memorial symposium held in Seoul in 2016, 335 people participated from 22 countries.

The number of 11th means the beginning of the next 10 times from the 11th to 20th. Then the main theme of this symposium was entitled as gClinical Laboratory Automation - A bridge over the next two decades -h Based on the main theme, we would like to discuss hot on how we contribute to the worldwide progress in laboratory automation and robotics.

To realize this main theme, we are planning two plenary lectures focusing on the medical megabank project and the artificial intelligence (AI), five selected symposiums, three industrial symposiums and two industrial sessions by leading companies, industrial exhibitions and poster sessions in the program.

Participants may absorb not only cutting-edge knowledge on laboratory automation and robotics but also wide-variety progress in laboratory medicine.

Morioka is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan, where Kitakami-river, Shizukuishi-river, Nakatsugawa-river meet at the roots of Mt. Iwate called Iwate-Fuji which resembles of Mt. Fuji. Cherry blossoms will become in full bloom in Morioka in the middle of April when Cherry Blossom Symposium 2018 is held. We have many cherry blossom spots such as Ishiwari-Zakura, old Morioka castle Sakura, Ippon-Zakura (see Morioka guide pages). I am sure everything will please the eyes of the participants.

Moreover, you can also enjoy many kinds of locally brewed Japanese sake, sea foods from Sanriku-seacoast, Maeawa beef and many kinds of Morioka noodles.

We ardently welcome you to Morioka with Japanese traditional hospitality spirit gO-mo-te-na-shih.

I expect many participants to the symposium.


The President of the 11th Cherry Blossom Symposium 2018 in Morioka Japan
Akira Suwabe
(Professor of the Department of Laboratory Medicine, Iwate Medical University)

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